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Stud Finder Website

Quickly, easily detect metal studs, screws located in wood wall studs, joists!

App Description

Looking for the perfect stud finder/detector app? Look no further! Our app is specifically designed and tested to help you locate metal studs, joists, and metal fasteners (nails, screws) embedded in wooden studs inside your walls with ease.

Our app uses advanced scanning and processing of the background magnetic field, using your device's built in magnetometer sensor to detect the location of hidden metal studs or other metal objects in your wooden wall studs. The app provides accurate readings on your phone's screen by simulating progressively indicating led lights similar to how a real stud finder tool works.

Whether you're hanging a picture or TV, mounting a shelf, or embarking on a major home renovation project, our app has you covered.

So if you want an easy, reliable, and all-in-one solution for finding studs and other hidden objects, give our app a try today!

Usage Instructions:

  1. Hold down the 'Detect' button until green LED lights up.
  2. Locate device's magnetometer by moving a coin or other magnetic metal object around back of device until the red LEDs light up in sequence.
  3. Move device along wall while holding 'Detect' button until red LEDs light up in sequence.
  4. Beeper and red LEDs lighting up in sequence indicate a stud directly under your device's magnetometer.
  5. Adjust sensitivity level for best results:
    ->DECREASE sensitivity if green LED doesn't stay illuminated while moving device along wall (e.g. thin drywall),
    ->INCREASE sensitivity until all red LEDs light up when atop a nail/screw (e.g. thick drywall).
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GPT4BTC Website

Converse with OpenAI's most advanced Generative Pre-trained Transformer3 chatbot.

App Description

Human: I'm developing an android app for users to use OpenAI's chatGPT3. Please generate an enticing Google Play store listing for the app.

AI: Get ready to be amazed and experience the power of artificial intelligence with our new chat app! With ChatGPT3 from OpenAI, you can have deep, engaging conversations with a virtual assistant that feels just like a real person. Whether you're looking for advice, want to learn something new, or just want someone to talk to, ChatGPT3 has you covered. Try it out now and see how ChatGPT3 can enhance your daily life!

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Bitcoin Metrics Website

Bitcoin analytics, on-chain metrics, trends, currency exchange rates & widgets!

App Description

Bitcoin Metrics displays current BTC (only) trading prices, denominated in all major global fiat currencies (USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, etc.), along with many other vital market analytics and blockchain metrics:

-Price (updated~1m)
-24h Price Change
-24h Volume
-Market Cap
-Addresses New
-Addresses Active
-Fees Total
-Fees Mean
-Fees Median
-Hodl 1Year %
-SOPR (Spent Output Profit Ratio)

+Daily, weekly, and monthly percent changes for all metrics!
-& More continually added

All exchange metrics and on-chain analytics are displayed in a clean, intuitive UI so you can keep a pulse on the latest, most important Bitcoin market moves and on-chain trends.

Multiple widgets can be added to your home and lock screens and customized to match your unique update frequency, currency pairs, layout, and design needs.

And the best part: no other distracting cryptocurrencies (no shitcoins) to get in the way!

To help keep BM continually improving and meeting the demands of the Bitcoin community on Android, please contact me directly for all feature/metric requests, feedback, bug reports, etc.

Built with love by a BTC-maxi, for Bitcoin maximalists. Thanks for downloading :)






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